Why We Charge Patients A Fee

Representative charges to patients:

  • No patient is ever turned away from Hospital Loma de Luz because he or she cannot pay.
  • No patient should be denigrated to be considered a helpless beggar because of his or her appearance, background, or ethnicity.

We believe we should charge the patient for care so that: a.)  we do not rob the patient of the dignity of participating in all ways in his/her own care and the care of their family members; b.) we avoid creating the dependency and the resentful sense of entitlement that is the natural consequence of hand-out economics, and c.) we are the best stewards of God’s resources that we can be.  We intentionally work hard to do charity well.

At the same time, we are acutely aware of: a.) the true poverty of many of our patients; b.) the many scriptural injunctions to care for the poor and helpless, and c.) the heart of Christ in us hurting for the hurting of others.  We consciously work hard to avoid losing sight of our calling.

The resultant tension between these two valid perspectives requires on-going monitoring and adjustment.  The outcome is reflected in the following charges.  The collections from these charges fund approximately only 10% of on-going non-capital expenses.

Patient charges are usually arranged in three tiers.  The basic charges ( for patients from within our catchment area) are listed in the pages that follow.  For Honduran nationals from outside our catchment area the basic charges are multiplied by 2.5 (or less).  For foreigners, the basic charges are multiplied by 4.

We do not charge missionaries, but we do accept insurance payments if they are insured.