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Community Health Promoters

Our desire is to promote lasting lifestyle changes in the surrounding villages so that people will lead healthier lives and take more responsibility for their own wellness.  This goal is achieved through education.  However, many people in rural Honduras have superstitions and ancient beliefs that make it difficult for foreigners to teach them effectively.  Therefore, the most successful method of educating the people is through training a select few Hondurans who desire to understand basic concepts of health and hygiene.  These few can then go back to their friends and neighbors and teach them in a way that they can understand.  These few can make changes in their own homes that their neighbors will notice and desire to imitate.  Our prayer is that these few can spread out and change the face of Honduras.

In February of 2010, we started a community health worker training program in conjunction with MAP International Honduras.  Thirty men and women from surrounding villages are being trained in the basics of health, hygiene and education.  The students spend three days at the hospital in intense training, four times per year for three years.  Our friends from MAP International have been instrumental in organizing the program and providing educational materials that they have used for many years in other parts of Honduras and the world.  Our students learn not only about health and first aid but they also learn how to teach.  In each session, the students practice various teaching methods so they will be able to communicate information effectively to others in their communities.  A large part of the course also involves learning how to become a person of integrity who will be trusted and in whom one can confide in.  This aspect is vital as the students begin to do community risk assessments and plan healthy changes for their communities.  We pray that lasting changes will be made in our communities through the teaching, influence, and Christian witness of our community health workers.