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Community Development

Community Development

Mission: To stimulate, encourage, and coordinate community transformation along the North Coast of Honduras. Along with each and every missionary here, we act as hospital ambassadors into the communities, along the coastline, and up into the mountains.

  • We believe that sustained and long-lasting spiritual change goes hand-in-hand with sustained and long-lasting social change.
  • We believe that such change must target the youth and children, especially in this country where 50% of the population is 16 years old or younger.
  • We believe that the grade school is the key to many of these rural Honduran communities.
  • We believe that without a challenging grand vision as a goal, most people will waste much of their lives fatalistically adrift, pursuing their day-to-day needs and steadily losing hope in even their small dreams.

As a result of these beliefs, we have focused on village schools, providing:

  • Monthly school physicals by Loma de Luz staff;
  • Educational incentive programs and student leadership programs;
  • School-churches, Bible studies, and prayer groups;
  • Micro-enterprise loans to schools and churches;
  • School gardens and agricultural training, and dreams and visions for all who will dream.

We teach “English as a Biblical Language” in the schools, public and private, primary and secondary.  We teach that each person, and especially each Christian, has received gifts that must be shared. As God’s children, we have been made rich so that we can give. We have been taught so that we can teach. We have been blessed so that we can bless. Our missionary training program, designed to prepare Hondurans to take part in the Grand Commission, is the epitome of that paradigm shift.  We teach that this North Coast of Honduras is a gold and silver mine of Latinos and Garifunas that God wants to change from a mission field to a mission force. Our village leaders now understand, believe, and embrace that paradigm shift. Many are now eager to be part of God’s solution instead of part of the missionaries’ problem. Glory to God.  What is spelled out on the front gate of the hospital is being walked out in the mountain trails to the villages and to islands off the coast: “ Dios Obra Aqui.”  God is at work here.

This is  partial list of the villages that we are working in:

Mountain Villages:
Las Flores
Rena Losa
Nueva Armenia
Naranjito 1
Naranjito 2
Las Niguas
Las Vayas
San Isidro
Coastal Villages:
Rio Coco
Rio Esteban
Lucinda 1
Lucinda 2
Las Crucitas
Lis Lis

Department Staff:

Director: Rev. Donald W. Rumbaugh, M.D.      Contact us at