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Sanctuary House Children’s Center

Click here to see the Photo Gallery for the Sanctuary House Children’s Center!

Sanctuary House Children’s Center was opened in June 2008 as an integral part of the services provided by Hospital Loma de Luz on the North Coast of Honduras. The Center can accommodate up to 24 children and provides employment for 8 local people. This Service is aimed at 3 main groups of children:

  • Children who are sick or disabled and require frequent medical care/interventions, but do not need to be in-patient;
  • Children from extreme rural areas who need a place to live while they access education not available in their own communities, and
  • Children who are at risk or who have been abandoned and who need a safe place to live.

As we approach our 3rd anniversary, we have had 44 children in our care. The children have ranged in ages from 3 weeks old – 19 years old and they have had a whole variety of different needs and problems. Some of our children have no particular social problems and only live in the center to access education; others have severe and enduring disabilities and require 24/7 care, but the majority are in-between. Many of the children live with us temporarily as we work towards reconciling families, wherever that is possible.

This child is an example of how the Lord works through the children’s services.  These 2 photos show the same child after 3 months of care at the center and receiving medical care at the hospital.  What a love our Father has for His children! What an opportunity we have been given to minister to these precious little ones!

The Children’s Center has, however, brought with it substantial additional costs to the funding of the hospital.  The average monthly cost to keep a child in the center is approximately US $350.  This amount includes: food, clothing, school uniforms and school supplies, salaries of those who care for the children, cleaning and cooking staff, medical bills, electricity, and transport costs. If you would like to consider sponsoring a child’s place at the children’s center, you could make a monthly commitment to sponsor a child or make a one time donation.  Please send any such donations directly to the Cornerstone Office.

The Children’s Services were established and are managed by Iain & Liz McKenzie, who along with their son Samuel moved to Honduras directly from the Highlands of Scotland. They have served with Cornerstone since 2004.

In our Photo Gallery, we feature a number of our children as they go about their daily lives of school, study and play.  Each one of them is precious, and we count it a privilege to serve our ever-loving Father as we try to meet the needs of His children.

For more information contact Iain & Liz directly at;

Click here to see the Photo Gallery for the Sanctuary House Children’s Center!