What We Do

In response to the stunning physical need of the rural poor of Honduras, and the ubiquitous and pervasive associated spiritual needs, Loma de Luz has grown steadily, stretching to meet that need.  The various ministries of Loma de Luz fit together & work together like the parts of a wheel.  The work began as a Mission Hospital, and the hub of the wheel is still the hospital.  But simply by living as Christians in a community of such relatively limited resources and prospects, the missionaries began to respond to needs beyond the hospital; churches grew, outreaches were undertaken.  Currently there are a number of long-term associated ministries at Loma de Luz, and more developing every year.

To learn more about What We Do in response to The Need, read about the associated ministries, such as: Hospital Loma de Luz,  Sanctuary House Children’s Center, and El Camino Bilingual School