Services Offered & Fees

The following lists are offered in order for you to gain a better idea of the services, and their prices, which are available at Hospital Loma de Luz.  We strive to be the best Stewards that we can be of God’s provision.  For an explanation of why we charge patients a fee, please see this page.  The charges are based upon a balance of what the poor in our area are able to pay and what helps offset ongoing costs.  These charges are frequently revisited and revised.  The base charges are applied to patients from within our primary catchment area (a geographic region roughly 50 Km in diameter with the hospital at its center). It is delineated by geographic boundaries: the Cayos Cochinos islands to the North, the Rio Papaloteca to the West, the watershed of the Cordillera Nombre de Dios to the South, and the Rio Betulia to the East.  The people within these boundaries are all rural, generally very poor, and are within a half day’s travel of Hospital Loma de Luz whether by foot, horseback, canoe, or local bus. The population within these boundaries has no other direct access to modern hospital-based curative medicine.

Patients from outside this geographic region can be seen and treated for any emergency.  For elective or less urgent problems, Honduran patients from outside our catchment area need a referral from their physician or the nurse at their local public health clinic.  These patients from outside our catchment area comprise approximately 35% of all patients treated at Loma de Luz.  Their charges are higher (examples given below).

Finally, on occasion we do see citizens of other countries.  Their fees are similarly increased from the base charges by a set formula.  The lists of goods and services offered at Hospital Loma de Luz that follow are neither exhaustive nor inflexible.  The prices listed are general guidelines, but often are modified for the individual patient.   The charges are made to our patients in Lempiras (the Honduran currency for which the current exchange rate is L 18.75: $ 1.00), but are listed for ease of international comparison in $ US values.

No patient is ever turned away due to inability to pay.

Representative charges are listed in the pages that follow for Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Services,  Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Optometry Clinic, Dental Clinic, Would Clinic, Surgery, and Women’s Health Clinic.