Sanctuary House Children’s Center

Sanctuary House Children’s Center was started in June 2006 as an integral part of the services provided by Hospital Loma de Luz on the North Coast of Honduras. The Center can accommodate up to 40 children and provides employment for 17 Honduran staff. This service is aimed at 3 main groups of children:

  • Children who are sick or disabled and require frequent medical care/interventions, but do not need to be in-patient;
  • Children from extreme rural areas who need a place to live while they access education not available in their own communities, and
  • Children who are at risk or who have been abandoned and who need a safe place to live.
  • Click here to watch a video about Sanctuary Housing Children's Center.


After eight years, we have had 93 children in our care. The children have ranged in ages from 3 weeks old to 19 years old and they have had a whole variety of different needs. Some of our children have no particular social problem and only live in the center to access education; others have severe and enduring disabilities and require 24/7 care, but the majority are in-between. Many of the children live with us temporarily as we work towards reconciling families, wherever that is possible.

The Children’s Services were established and managed by Iain and Liz McKenzie. The McKenzies returned home to Scotland in the summer of 2017, and oversight of the Children’s Center passed on to Judith Blumhofer as the interim director while new long-term directors continue to be sought after. If you are interested in serving at the Children’s Center in a long-term role, please visit the long-term service page.


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Would you like to come work as a missionary volunteer at Sanctuary House Children’s Center?

Our most pressing need is for volunteers to come from February through November (our school year). If you are unable to come for that length of time, we will consider applicants who can serve for 4 months or longer. Volunteers should be able to speak basic Spanish and must be at least 18 years of age.
If interested, please complete the short-term volunteer application.