Sanctuary House Children’s Center History

Sanctuary House Children’s Center was started in 2006 by The Cornerstone Foundation who had already developed and manages Hospital Loma De Luz since 1998. 

The Children’s Center is not a straight forward orphanage but aims to keep children for shorter focused periods of time. It aims to provide services for 3 groups of children: 

  1. Children with a medical need but who do not need to be “in-patient”,
  2. Children who have no access to education because they live in extreme rurality and
  3. Local children who need a place of safety because of abuse, neglect, abandonment or family breakdown.

Having started the service in a rented property in 2006, 6 children and 2 staff moved into a purpose built house in June 2008 and the services have grown slowly and purposefully since. By the end of 2013, there were 38 children and 17 local Honduran staff in the house. In its first 5 years of operation the Children’s Center catered to over 60 children.  In 2012, two new houses were added to accommodate teenage boys and teenage girls in different houses to ensure they can complete their education in a safe environment. By 2014, 93 children have used the services of the Children’s Center.

Sanctuary House Children’s Center has now housed and cared for 93 Honduran children since 2006.

The ages of the children are varied:

  • 35 children under 5,
  • 32 children 6-11,
  • 17 children 12-15
  •   9 children 16-18

Children come with many needs:

  • 33 were admitted for health reasons
  • 38 for places of safety/protection
  •   9 to access education
  • 12 various other circumstances