By virtue of being a mission hospital, the hospital pharmacy is able to obtain a range of medicines from reliable suppliers at very economic prices.  We sell the medicines at the same price it costs the hospital to purchase and handle them, regardless of the patient’s geographical or socioeconomic origin.  This low-cost availability of medicines is an important factor in the hospital’s maintaining low total charges to our patients in their visits, in keeping with their ability to pay.

The hospital pharmacy at all times stocks approximately 185 different medications.  There is a heavy emphasis on antibiotics and cardiac medicines. Of course there are also those medicines used more typically for “tropical” diseases.

The hospital is blessed to have two excellent Honduran employees involved in the daily activities of the pharmacy, Vicente Gallegos and his assistant Juri Vasquez.  Vicente is also the head pastor of an active church in the nearby town of Balfate.  Drs. Mark Merritt and Dr. Judy Blumhofer also have part-time responsibilities in the pharmacy regarding monitoring “controlled” drug usage and reordering medicines.