Sending Agency:
Globe Mission

Home Contact:
King's Fellowship
Inverness, Scotland


Iain and Liz are from Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland. They became the Host Family for Cornerstone Foundation in July 2004, based in La Ceiba, where they helped coordinate the visits of individual volunteers and short-term mission teams to the hospital by looking after the needs of visitors and their accommodations. They also have been key personnel in materials and supply purchasing for the hospital.

Their calling: “We believe we have been called to Honduras to develop two projects: a foster home and a house for children from extremely rural areas that will enable them to access education. Working with Cornerstone as host family has provided us with the opportunity to learn Spanish and an understanding of the local culture and to make important contacts in Honduras as we waited for the Lord to show us the next stage of His plans.”

From its inception, the Cornerstone Foundation had anticipated and planned for work in children’s care – the McKenzies had a corresponding vision. In 2006 we began to further develop these projects together, with a plan for the McKenzies to direct the work. Iain, Liz, and their son, Samuel, moved from La Ceiba to live in Balfate in July 2006 as they prepared to start the projects and fulfill the vision they received from the Lord. Construction began in October 2006 and was completed in June 2008.  As they waited for the new center to be completed, they started receiving children into the house they were renting. They moved into the newly completed center with 6 children and admitted another the same day. In 2012 homes for teenage girls and separately for teenage boys were opened.

Iain & Liz retired from active service in Balfate in June 2017 but are continuing to work as ambassadors for the Cornerstone Foundation while living in Scotland. They visit churches, groups and individuals in the USA and mainland Europe looking to expand funding opportunities and seeking to recruit new long term and short term volunteers. If you would be interested in having them visit with you please feel free to make contact directly and they will try to make that happen.