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Renee Kusler was introduced to the Spanish language and culture in high school through student exchange trips with students from Mexico.  At Westmont College, she participated in many mission trips to Mexico and she was overwhelmed by the incredible need that she saw.  Renee decided to study medicine and work toward becoming a medical missionary to Latin America.  After participating in a 6 week water project in rural, southern Honduras, Renee became addicted to the country and the people and has returned as a volunteer 6 times over the last 10 years.  Renee first came as a volunteer to Loma de Luz in 2004 and visited again in 2006.  During that trip, the Lord revealed to her His will that she move to Honduras and work full time at Hospital Loma de Luz.

After completing her Family Medicine Residency training in Greeley, Colorado in 2006, Renee traveled to London to study Tropical Medicine and Public Health for 3 months in preparation for working in Honduras.  Renee has a heart for working with pregnant women and providing health education in the communities served by Loma de Luz.

In Honduras:
Renee Kusler
c/o Norma Hunt
APDO  778
LaCeiba, Honduras, CA

Sending Agency:
Cornerstone International
PO Box 192
Wilmore, KY  40390