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Dave and Marinajo Fields with Mariah and Ben

Dave and Marinajo Fields  joined us at Hospital Loma de Luz in the fall of 2008.  Dave maintains the computer and communications systems for the hospital.  Marinajo is a home-schooling mom, leads a Bible study with girls from a local village, and helps with  praise and worship.  They have two children, Mariah (2/16/97) and Benjamin (10/05/01).

This video explains more about their ministry at Loma de Luz:



You can connect with them in the following ways:

(Hospital Stuff for Dave) (Family)


David Fields
David Fields
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fields.fam (Dave’s office)
fields.fam2 (Home)

Dave’s Office – 970.460.1229
Home – 970.460.6640
Dave Honduras Cell – (504) 9778-9957
Marinajo Honduras Cell – (504) 9832-1110

Familia Fields
Apartado 1127
La Ceiba, Honduras
C.A.      CP31101