Guidelines For Photographing Patients

A Statement on Photographing Patients at Hospital Loma de Luz

At Hospital Loma de Luz, we strive to care for our patients in the name of Christ.  We want to see them through His eyes and serve them as He would.  This is a high standard.  When taking photos of patients while serving here, we ask you to use great discretion.  Put yourself in the patients’ situation and ask, “Would I be blessed if someone shared this photograph of me with others?”

Some other points:

Only take photos of a patient after explaining why you want to take the picture, asking for and being given permission.

No pictures of genitalia or other sensitive body parts.

No photographs/filming of surgeries or births/deliveries.

Please use extreme discretion when posting pictures of patients on any on-line or social media (Facebook, blogs, etc.).  In fact, you should probably just avoid it altogether.  If you feel compelled, use good judgment and get the patient’s permission before doing so. Be extremely careful of any captions you attach to a photo.  No sarcasm or offensive humor should ever be used in relation to a patient’s photo.

If taking a photo of a patient’s wound, lesion, or abnormality for the purposes of getting a consultation or for medical education, one still needs to explain your reasons and get permission from the patient.

If you have any questions, ask one of the long-term missionaries if such a photo is appropriate.

Our motivation in this is to always consider our patients’ rights to dignity and privacy, respecting them in the manner which they deserve.  They, too, are made in God’s image.  Please help us maintain this high standard.

Thank you.