Bilingual Primary School Expansion

Project Summary

Project Summary: By God’s grace, the Bilingual Kindergarten (and first grade, second grade and now third grade)  is growing into a Bilingual Primary School, with plans, by faith to grow to K-12. As it grows, so do buildings. We intend to build a three story building there–one with six large classrooms (two per floor with a large central courtyard corridor between them). We estimate that the building will ultimately cost about $140,000 when all is said and done. But we have a way in mind to build it in modules, allowing us to complete and use the ground floor classrooms (first, second and third grades) for only about $50,000, while slowly growing the rest of the building. Please pray for God’s provision and blessings for the people (the needed teachers, the children, the missionary and local staff, the children’s families, etc.) and for His provision and blessings on the building itself.

Planned Start Date: Project began 15 October 2013.

Planned End Date: Phase 1 completion 15 March,  2014.

Estimated Cost: Phase 1 – approximately $50,000.  Total Project – approximately $140,000.

Funds donated to date: $35,000 towards the completion of phase 1.
How you can help:  Ways to donate are provided on the donation page of our website.

Latest Update

As of October 13, 2016, the exterior of the building is complete. We are in our final quarter of school with 94 students enrolled in K – 4th grade. The 1st floor of the building currently houses 1st, 3rd, and 4th grade, and 2nd grade is on the 2nd floor. 

Older Updates

March 2015

As of March 26, 2015 we are in our second month of school with 80 students enrolled in K – 3rd grade. The 1st floor of the building currently houses 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Classes go on simultaneously as the construction continues on the upper levels. 

June 2014

June 2014 update from Director Jeff McKenney of the construction for the new El Camino building.

February 2014

As of 1 February, 2014, school starts this week with 52 children!  Meanwhile, work continues filling in and up to the grade level for the first floor.  First floor walls are being closed in.  We’ve begun pouring the second floor!  We are still in need of an additional  $85,000 to complete the project.

January 2014

As of 1 January,2014,  all of the first floor columns, and beams have been poured!  We are now pouring footers and laying block to level the area where the floor will be poured.  The newly remodeled Loma de Luz dump truck is busy hauling in fill dirt (up to three feet in places) in preparation for pouring the floor later this month.   We are still in need of an additional  $90,000 to complete the project.

December 2013

As of 1 December,  both of the outside rows of columns and beams have been poured.  Work continues filling in the middle three rows of columns and beams as well as the intersecting columns that tie each row together.  We are grateful to report an additional $20,000 of donations, bring to date donations to $35,000!  We are still in need of $15,000 to complete phase one and $105,000 to complete the project.  

November 2013

As of 1 November, construction is well underway.  We are grateful for the $15,000 that has been donated so far towards phase 1 completion, and are in urgent need of $35,000 to complete phase 1 in time for school to start in Feb 2014.