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Hospital Loma de Luz is a 40,000 square foot, 50-bed mission hospital with 3 operating rooms, 8 out-patient clinic examining rooms, Emergency Department,  Wound Clinic/ PT, a 2-chair dental clinic, optometry clinic, laboratory, and pharmacy. It currently staffs for an in-patient census of 18 higher acuity beds (predicated by the significant on-going cost of employing Honduran nursing staff), and is currently constructing additional lower acuity patient rooms. Between triage, out-patient clinic, emergency room, surgery (both in-patient and out-patient) and in-patient services, we care for roughly 20,000 patients per year and perform about 1200 surgical procedures per year. We serve a primary catchment area of roughly 50,000 souls, and take referrals from Honduran physicians, Nurse and Public Health facilities from all over Honduras.

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Bilingual School

El Camino started more than 14 years ago with a vision of transforming the North Coast of Honduras through discipleship and changed hearts of the next generation. We began this process by teaching 8 selected Jr. high children in 2002. Those early years taught us many lessons but the one that has affected our direction most directly is this: discipleship and training at an early age potentiates all other education. Four years ago we committed to starting a licensed elementary school beginning with Kindergarten. Every new year we add the next grade. Today we have 94 children from pre K to 5th grade, brimming with hope and learning to love the Lord God with all their hearts, minds and souls. Each day we see evidence of God’s light pressing back the darkness in our local communities as a result of this little school. Thank you Lord.

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Children’s Center

Sanctuary House Children’s Center offers a safe place for up to 40 children. Our children are mainly from three groups: 1) Children who are sick and disabled and who are mostly referred through our own hospital. 2) Children who need assistance to access education because their families are not able to get them to school because of poverty or extreme rural locations. And, 3) children who need a place of safety due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Often children arrive severely malnourished, dirty, and with only the clothes they have on their backs. We try to restore the childhoods that have been stolen from the children, offer a good quality education and access to health services. We help our children to make good life decisions and support them when they make bad decisions. Our aim is to see children grow up to be future leaders within their communities knowing the difference between right and wrong and knowing the love of God in their lives.

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The Cornerstone Foundation is a non-profit, Christian, charitable organization which built and administers a hospital-based outreach on the north coast of Honduras, Central America. The hospital, Hospital Loma de Luz, is a full service medical facility, and it serves as the hub of related ministries. These include Foster Children’s Ministry, Chaplaincy, Bilingual School and Educational Ministries, Agricultural Ministries, and Community development. It is our desire to effectively serve the people of Honduras in the name of, and with the direction of, Jesus Christ — the stone which was rejected by men but which became the Cornerstone.